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Generate Leads on  IndiaMart, TradeIndia With Businessi CRM

With Business i CRM software reduce your lead leakage to zero and make use of the lead creation opportunities offered by marketplaces.

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Never Again Miss a Follow-up

Get valuable information about the lead funnel activities from Business i CRM to improve your marketing and sales ROI, figure out which lead sources are producing the best leads and concentrate your efforts there. Follow up and qualify leads from capture to closure with success. Initiatives may be easily managed and followed across platforms like Tradeindia, Indiamart, etc. 


Now that you have a good understanding of how lead management software might benefit your company, what comes next?

Simple Reasons to try Business i CRM


Automatic Lead Capture

Leads can be gathered from a variety of sources, including Facebook, Instagram, Indiamart, TradeIndia, and Just Dial.


Track Missed Follow-Ups

In order to decrease missed follow-ups, Business CRM will notify the admins if your staff has neglected to complete follow-ups and duties.


Quotation Revision

Enables users to edit the price and the no of products in an already prepared quotation. Users can also view the no of times their quotation has been modified on the screen.


Email Integration

With Business CRM, email your prospective customers and current customers with offers and updates about your product.


Client management

While seeking new clients, don’t forget about your existing customers. To upsell to your customers, send them offers frequently.


Third party integration

CRM can be integrated with Facebook, Indiamart, TradeIndia, and JustDial to guarantee that no leads are lost.

Why does your Small business require a CRM?

Without specialized tools, businesses in the early stages of development will be simple to manage, but as your company expands, you’ll need a thorough understanding of its performance. You’ll need more because spreadsheets can’t be used to obtain it. You require a tool that has all the functionality you require to launch your business, and that tool is Businessi.

Lead Capturing

Try Business i CRM. It is an integrated lead management tool that fully collects and enriches leads in your CRM database. Leads are automatically gathered and enhanced in your CRM database because of its built-in lead management tools. Also, you can choose whatever key information you want to be displayed up front in the summary and highlights area.


From within your CRM software, you can keep track of lead actions, qualify them with lead segments, and nurture them into customers. Sure, you can accomplish all of this with only one sales tool.

Optimize sales pipeline
effective team communication
Evaluate lead generation activities.

Tele Sales Team Reporting and Tracking

Monitor the activities of the telesales team in the CRM, including call status, call duration, unfinished/completed follow-ups, etc.


Do a daily, weekly, or monthly performance analysis of the telesales team.

Automated Lead distribution

You can assign leads to teams based on location, product, or department using pre-defined process rules. Top queues can be used to distribute leads equitably and improve follow-ups. Make sure you don’t lose leads because of poor customer engagement strategies.


Speeds Up Your Lead Management
More Conversions & Less Lead Drop-offs
Better Measurement Of Sales Rep Success

Elegant Quotes will increase sales.

Present your services and products in a professional manner.

Business i CRM software holds different types of Enquiries which are very important for business prospects and revenue generation.

Users can easily identify the types of inquiries  Hot, Cold, or Normal.
 Simply drag and drop construction pieces to add product descriptions and more information.

Make deals out of Leads

Single Click to create a Quotation, Sales Order, proforma invoice, or Invoice.

Turn leads who are prepared to purchase your goods or services by sending an Estimate with just one click. You can also make immediate follow-up tasks while converting. Business CRM enables you to close deals more quickly with your potential leads.

Moreover, automatic data association of leads to contacts or accounts implies that all your lead information is successfully stored and related to a contact’s information.

CRM Management FAQs

Business i CRM is a tool for small businesses for managing prospect and customer data in one place, including contact information, accounts, leads, and sales possibilities.

Business i CRM system enables you to identify current and potential clients, identify their preferences, regularly predict their wants, and promptly and efficiently handle their demands. Additionally, it enables you to keep track of, compile, and arrange your communications with both present and potential clients. 
  • Use simplicity
  • Simple to customize
  • Strong relational databases enable simultaneous, real-time usage of the same database by all users.
  • Full solution approach – incorporates all management and reporting capabilities in addition to sales, marketing, and customer service tools.
Business i CRM can help a small business by combining customer information into a single system. Keeping track of all transactions can become overwhelming as a company grows. CRM tools help you manage customer interactions more effectively, giving you more time to focus on your service or product.
Yes, all types of small businesses can benefit from that. No one can remember every interaction – ones that have already occurred or have to occur — even if your consumer base is small. It is an effective business solution that improves workflow, provides insightful business data, and remotely connects staff members at your firm so they can work together as a team in real-time. 

Enhanced Sales.
Connections that endure.
Increased Growth!

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