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Business i ERP is a custom software that can be customized and easily understands the manufacturer’s requirements and needs. This software helps to manage the complex distribution of system which includes of different layers of numerous small retailers between a company and end-to-end customers. 

As Business i ERP is meant to automate process hence that allows the user to satisfy the specific requirements of the FMCG and packaged goods business of manufacturers, traders, distributors, sub-distributers, etc.

Business i ERP helps you to makes sure of raw materials availability constantly through various notifications on different devices that help to keep staff informed about depleting levels of essential raw materials and to take corrective actions.

Our ERP allows to select the module they need and match modules from and according to their needs to improve their business performance.

By using Business i ERP software, across the whole system will look and feel same an

By using ERP Software for FMCG industries can obtain an ideal product cycle while producing the best qualitative products within a given time period.

You can easily consolidate all the data from stores and warehouses over the internet.

Helps you to be one central database with no duplication.

Eliminates the chance of errors caused by human intervention.
This system helps you to avoid stock-out.

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