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Unlock Your Potential with Business i Finance ERP

Let’s have a look at how the Finance module in Business i ERP has been helpful and affected positively your business by going through some important features of financial ERP.
This finance module in ERP software boosts the entire financial status of your industry which helps in multiple industries by allowing your business to track the financial status of any organization which includes all the information and data related to their business. 

Easy-to-Use Accounting

ERP software comes with the finance module for finance management is the program that generates all the financial data and reports. It helps you to communicate all the financial information to your external partners such as vendors and your customers whenever they need it. You can carry on with functions like account payable and receivable, general ledger, budgeting, and still more.

Features of having ERP Finance Software

It offers real-time information promptly.

Helps you to fetch your business data easily from a different location.

Increase your sale by providing up-to-date financial health whenever you need it.

In the Finance module, the bills and invoices are calculated automatically.

Increases the efficiency by reducing the calculation mirror.

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Account Management

Business i ERP software for account management you can manage the general office accounts of your business without any hassle to hit the expense in the ERP. All the receipt’s details have been recorded directly to an expense record which helps you to avoid the loss of records.

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Debit & Credit Note

you can create debit notes & credit during your purchase return or sales return & it will automatically affect or update your financial statements

Balance Sheet

Help you to generate the balance sheet based on the ledgers you have created. A balance sheet helps you to measure the financial statement of your business.

Cash Transaction

Keep tracking the cash flow, documents, and all files and provides you with accurate records, and helps you to avoid issues during the transaction.

Expense Management

Implementing expense management of Business i ERP software in your business, helps you to manage all the general expenses of your business with is a very easy way to point the expense in the ERP software

Real time report

This software helps you to analyze the real-time image of an expense report by the employees, by categories, and also by the projects.

Effortless billing

Create new purchase bills directly and also can view the status of all your bills, to find whether the amount is paid partially or completely and check  the balance due

Expense visibility

Allows you to see new expenses in real-time, usually via an analytics dashboard. With such visibility, you can easily view and better understand your company’s spending.

Invoice Management

Businessi ERP software helps you to manage the invoice process by creating and providing all different invoices which have been already created can be used to create a proforma invoice, invoice and shows the status of the invoice, and also forward the invoice through SMS and mailing.

Quick Delivery

By using our Business i ERP Software you can quickly deliver the invoice online. It helps you to deliver invoices to your respective clients within a minute.

Automatic update

As business i is a cloud-based erp the invoice status will be automatically updated, whenever it is opened once the payment has been done by the client.

Easy invoice status

This software has the ability to handle all the invoicing information of the customer from a single application.

Business i Finance ERP FAQ

In general, an ERP financial module is a piece of software that collects financial data and then generates reports. It enables you to communicate financial information to external partners such as vendors and customers more clearly when necessary.

Accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, budgeting, and other functions can help you achieve financial management.

The finance module is typically the first module to be enabled in an ERP system, which is why businesses switch from standalone accounting software to ERP. combining the financial resources of the many businesses operations

All of a company’s financial transactions are detailed in the General ledger. It keeps tabs on assets, liabilities, capital accounts, and revenue and costs, among other things.

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