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Professional Service

Professional services provided by Business i ERP to products enable you to automate processes to reduce admin and focus on more important areas like CRM, HR process, and billing. By using dedicated business management software for industrial services, companies can go beyond professional services and become interconnected from all departments. 

Business Models

Our business models meet client needs and help to generate revenue to drive growth and be engaged with the best talent, Business i ERP enables the firms to deliver digital services and act as a business intelligence through the perfect industrial process, and the integration across the industry value. We help you by expanding the support for the project services to improve tracking, real-time revenue recognition, and revenue management.

This software allows you for more complete collaboration, supports data-driven decision-making, and gives companies full visibility over their process.

By using Business i ERP software for your business helps you from improving your financial management and cash flow to enhancing your project delivery, so that you can easily overcome some of the key challenges faced by professional servicing industries.

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