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CRM collects all the customer data from multiple channels & stores detailed information.


Help you to increase your company’s efficiency stocking products


we are well-experienced with our technical professionals and strategists.


 It helps you to communicate all the financial information to your external partners.

HR & Payroll

It’s allowing you to organize all the business activities and operations.


Deliver Real Benefits for your Business

Our ERP Software is extremely beneficial for the rapid and justifiable growth of any type of business without any doubt. Business i ERP is the best ERP software for manufacturing SMEs  from engineering to production and from quality control to sales. 

By differentiating from other services available in the market, every business has its own unique requirements and needs. We firmly tell you that we are one of the best ERP software solution providers for all SMEs to put your needs at the forefront.

Upgrade to an Enterprise-ready ERP

Business i ERP provides the wide range of industry-specific solutions that completely satisfy
your business requirements by streamlining the workflow.

Manufacturing Industries

This also helps you to improve the performance and the health of the assets and requirements through advanced and predictive analytics.

Chemical Industry

This software helps you to be updated with all customer receiving, customer balances, item sales, aging of overdue invoices and still more.

FMCG Industry

Business i ERP is a custom software that can be customized and easily understands the manufacturer’s requirements and needs.

Professional Services

Our business models meet client needs and help to generate revenue to drive growth and be engaged with the best talent.

Wholesale Distribution

This software involves all your product status, stock, raw material management, purchase order, and overall control.

Food & Beverages

This software usage is getting very important to develop new products with superior quality which serve today’s market.

Why Business i is important for your business

Business i ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is introduced to manage the business processes with a centralized and integrated system. Business i can be typically used in companies working within the supply chain which keeps tracking of all the processes of production and distribution.
Business i ERP can be utilized by various organizations to manage the details of their customers, staff, and inventory. Our Business i ERP brings together all customer relationship management, Human Resources, finance, production, and inventory into one system. This data has been organized, analyzed, and made into reports.

How perfect is Business i ERP for your Business Growth

For all organizations, the frequent and proper analysis of the process of your business is very important, Business i serve you all the ERP software solutions efficiently. As Enterprise Resource Planning Software is used for managing a lot of business functions. 

This provides a better solution for your business as its unique features show the importance of using ERP software in your business.

What we offer

Features of Business i ERP

Design and build complex workflows by holding flexible ERP systems with top-notch security.

Accurate Data

Each task can be tracked to be sure about its implementation at the right time, then you need to start by working out to retain them by promoting customer loyalty. 

Higher Cloud Security

The heart of every ERP Software is data security, In the Business i ERP system, the business function has some controls on sensitive information.

Improves Your Business

This frees up the timing for your employee to be more productive and ensures important processes which are not to be overlooked.

Boost Customer Service

ERP system allows the sales team and customer service to access the data of customers so that they can quickly and also track the experience history of your customers with your business.

Flexible & User-Friendly

In addition to this, the ERP system can also be configured to accommodate more users according to your business expansion.

Better Supply Chain Management

This management helps you to improve your planning of required staffing, raw materials, and profit forecasting of your business.

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Business i FAQs

ERP is a type of software system that assists businesses in automating and managing core business processes for maximizing the performance of your business.
ERP software works by focusing on key areas of the organization, such as finance, sales, human resources, and logistics. The data from all departments is then compiled into a single location that is easily accessible whenever the need arises.
An ERP system is a software product that works by centralizing data. The system collects data from various business domains and stores it in a central location where users can access it. As a result, data can flow freely.
Using ERP software is typically a simple way to manage a business’s various complexity levels.  implementing ERP Software involves easy information sharing, improved business performance, streamlined reporting, and overall cost savings.
ERP software provides numerous benefits, including the ability to customize the software to meet the needs of the business, the absence of third-party handling  your company’s confidential data, and strong integration options with your other systems.
The implementation of our ERP software assists in meeting business objectives, managing costs, and perfectly streamlining your business. Taking note of this information may assist your small business in informing your sales team to properly maintain the items.

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