Field Employee Tracking

Makes it simpler and more efficient to track them.

Managing the time tracking of Field Employees can be a hassle without implementing the correct tools, It may be quite difficult and draining. To manage your office teams, you can use this tracking software or application extremely effectively.

Field Employee Tracking

Implementing our Field Employee tracking ERP Software is the most efficient and effective approach to manage your field employees because it makes tracking them easier and more efficient. Utilizing your phone, you can quickly and anywhere evaluate the work.

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Location Tracking

Location tracking is used to safeguard a business’s most valuable assets. By tracking your employee location, you can guarantee that you always have access to them. Your business can measure how frequently your employee use the vehicles and device the most effective routes by equipping their vehicles with GPS tracking devices.

Occur benefits by :

  • Monitor their employees’ movements
  •  Helps to verify that field employees.

Expense Reimbursement Claims from field locations - approving or rejecting a claim.

Business You may achieve complete transparency and accountability in reimbursement claims by allowing your field employees to seamlessly link their field reimbursements to field visits with location validation using ERP software. On-the-go claim submission and cost recording are also possible. A handy way for your field employee to check the progress of their expense reimbursement claims while also giving you all the information you need to approve or deny a claim. Furthermore, the paperless procedure will be adored by your accounts department.

More accurate cash flow forecasts

You can keep tabs on who is paying for what, when, and how much with the aid of a system. This stops you from receiving unexpected refund claims that you must legally approve.

Streamlined reporting

There are  ways to record expenses, including by project, by category, and by personnel. Consolidating expenses into a single report is achievable thanks to expense management software.

Carry out routine audits

Audit their files and find problems like incorrectly categorized or overstated expenses, fraudulent receipts, or multiple reimbursements for the same purchase. 

Activity Reports

Our ERP software offers information on the business procedures and parts that are utilized depending on the Activity Report. These reports are available to Service Admins so they may analyze user issues and compare current service usage and performance to historical data.

Simple mistake detection

If you discover that any of your employees is making a mistake or experiencing an error without realizing it, you can speak with that person and fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Requisite business knowledge

All the data you require is available in an activity log. Increased staff productivity and improved corporate performance will result from analyzing this data and taking appropriate action.

Detail Activities

Collects detail and keeps track of daily actions. You can identify the person who is working at their peak capacity and follow their process.

Field Employee Tracking FAQs

Typically, employee monitoring systems include software for staff tracking. To determine how long particular projects take, managers may use time monitoring, attendance records, and time stamps on application and website usage

Only the reports from the time your executive “Checked In,” or marked his attendance for the day, until he “Checked Out,” or finished his day’s work, will be accessible.

Employee tracking software is required to evaluate employee performance and productivity, maintain accurate client reporting, analyze overall business performance, and prevent data security issues in the workplace.

The information gathered will be used to analyze your productivity, how much time you spend at work, and the most and least visited applications/websites.

This information assists management in making data-driven decisions in these areas.


Individual worker performance, Overall company performance, Management of clients and projects Management of time and attendance, as well as appraisal, review, and feedback

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