Quotation Management

Business i CRM software in holds different types of Enquiries which are very important for business prospect and revenue generation. User can easily identify the types of enquiries which are mentioned as Hot, Cold and Normal. This enquiry type can help to plan priorities like how to follow the client prospects.

How Business i ERP Software Manages Quotations

Create Quotation

A person can be able to create new quotation or can used the default quotation template which will be easily converted by system into proforma Invoice or invoice, Sales order.

Quotation Forwarding

Business i ERP software helps you to forward your Quotation through mail and SMS to the client directly. you can also have the options such as PDF conversion. Print and print on letter pad.

View Quotation Status

A person can view all the quotation status, and check whether the Status of quotations has been converted in sales order or invoice  

Benefits of Quotation Management

Business i ERP software helps you to manage and check the real-time inventory and purchase.

Automated reminder helps you to follow-up the quotation to close the deal faster and follow-up the next quotation.

It helps you to send email quotation to the client automatically which helps you to close. the deals quickly.

Quotation management assist you to automate and simplifies the process of quotation which helps you to reduce human errors.

Business i ERP software for quotation management helps understand the process of customer lifecycle from lead tracking to quotation.

Quotation management system contributes effective pricing for various client, geographic and still more.