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Stay Competitive with Business i Order Management by Easy Order Fulfilling

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           Order Processing 

Automating fundamental procedures for assigning orders to warehouses.


Quick fulfilment

Connection orders with the warehouse to assign orders to the optimal fulfillment center location automatically.


Real-time updates

Critical business insights are generated. Make decisions based on real-time data and robust reporting features.


Automated Purchase orders 

By automating your order process, you may avoid stock outs by refilling inventory as it runs short.

Never miss an order, with centralized processing

Business i Order management system Keep track of the orders coming from various sales channels, adhere to strict order processing deadlines, and change orders as needed for clients.
Get personalized recommendations for your consumers while they are on the road to increasing sales.
Get customer purchase histories and a complete view of stock availability.
Streamline, accelerate, and improve order operations for your team and the final customer, whether for retail, or B2B sales.

Extend your Small Business with Streamlined Order Processes

Manage your inventory with a unified log-in panel

Businessi Order Manager is the secret to improving your order fulfillment, from quicker response times to greater efficiency to no human errors. The nicest part is that you’ll feel like an authority even if you’re not particularly knowledgeable about order fulfillment.

Business i Order Management Software centralizes all of your order tracking in one place to process them from start to end, reducing manual and time-consuming errors. End-to-end process automation eliminates all manual inefficiencies.

Order processing can be done as soon as they are received due to seamless synchronization with sales channels. With business i’s real-time order tracking, you may receive orders right away and have the status of your orders updated.

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Make complex Order fulfilment easier to handle

Businessi Order Manager is the secret to improving your order fulfillment, from quicker response times to greater efficiency to no human errors. The nicest part is that you’ll feel like an authority even if you’re not particularly knowledgeable about order fulfillment.

The inventory system comes GST-ready. This enables you to achieve excellence and guarantee efficient order processing.

The end-to-end barcoding system makes it simple to record minute details about your inventory. You may improve your items’ quality in this way.

Get orders out quickly and precisely

Inventory Visibility

The system gives you a setting. It boosts the stock visibility for multiple warehouses.

Track Inventory Levels And Stock out

The automated system lets you track stock levels. This also lets you avoid stockouts.

Refresh Inventory Seamlessly

The solution allows you to update the details of your goods from  warehouses.

Control Order Cancellations

360-degree visibility is made possible by the strong stock sync. It also lets you handle order cancellations.

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Tweak the order rate with utmost ease.

Reduce Overstocking Cost

The powerful reports enable you to assess your entire stock volume. This way you can lower the cost involved in overstocking.

Minimize Labor Cost

The software lets you keep your operations organized. You can reduce manpower cost and lower the chances of errors.

Restore Stock Movement

You can organize the positioning of your stock. By doing so, you can cut back on unnecessary movement and save time and money.

Optimize Routine Production Cost

The coordinated procedure offers little danger of improper product delivery. This way you can grow the bottom line of your business.

Process flow - Order Status

The order management system helps you to streamline the order fulfillment process with the complete visibility of your sale orders.
This software features such us order fulfillment, raw material management, stock management, inventory control etc,
Helps you to easily increase your sales and keep track of every item.
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Visualize and prioritize the task

Get a clear picture of the work process by tracking the progress of a project it distinguishes, order, and prioritize tasks, and create unique labels.

Organize everything in one location.

Make task lists, add tasks and subtasks, subscribe the entire task list, and assign its tasks and subtasks to a single person or a group of people all in one location.

Work together seamlessly

In order to get someone’s attention or include them in tasks, mention them in comments, conversations, and group chats.

Order Management FAQs

Basic order details like Bill-to, item-details, order total, discounts, and additional products (if any) are fetched by business I order management software.

       Unlimited orders can be handled by Business i 

 The main problem is ensuring that your products are available at the appropriate time and place and that every order is fulfilled as promised. And to do this, a set of procedures must be followed, along with a comprehensive understanding of one’s firm and real-time order records.

It goes without saying that your order management process flow will be streamlined and managed, but explore a little further to make sure you have a clear knowledge of what you can accomplish right away.

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