Visitor Management

30-Second Touchless Visitor Check-in to Secure Your Premises

Say Hello to Business i Visitor management

You have a companion for employees and visitors to sync in at all times with the Business i mobile app for Android and iOS. A powerful tool for your employees to manage their visitors while saving each other time.

Touchless Visit Management

Use your smartphone to scan the QR code to check in. Strong cloud-based solution to maintain the security and safety of your premises. Defend your staff members against the risk of COVID. Using a COVID-proof touchless visitor control system, keep your property secure.


Changing QR Code

Visitors can check in by scanning the QR codes at the entrance to your facility. This process is carried out on their phones without any applications.

data protection

Protect data for Easy Access

With our secure cloud-based visitor management, you can manage your Visitor confidentially.


Access check-in on a visitor's device

Visitors can enter the building safely and easily check in using their smartphones.

Upgrade your Check in Process Now!

This process can be captured when visitor scan the barcode at the office. The visitor will be allowed to fill the form which asks for the detailed information of the visitor such as name of visitor with their details and able to choose the person who they wanted to visit, purpose of their visit, etc. Once they completed this form the check in time start.

Visitors use their cell phones to check in without the assistance of a third party.
This reduces the possibility of the virus spreading when guests tap the screen with their hands.  

Why Business i Visitor Management Software

Your entire system will become smart and secure with Business i visitor management software.

As it’s a cloud-based management tool that gives visitors to the business the correct first impression. Your complete visitor check-in procedure is fully digitalized by our Business i visitor management software.

Effective Visitor Management With Temperature Screening

Your visitors’ and workers’ exposure to COVID-19
is reduced due to our reducing temperature screening
visitor management system. Employees are able
to concentrate on their work because of this.

Print Visitor Badge

When visitors sign in, Business i prints detailed visitor badges. Visitors’ badges of high quality are printed immediately to identify them on your organization’s premises.

Visitor Management FAQs

Business i automates the entire process of a visitor’s entry and exit. it allows you to authenticate, track, and monitor your visitors in real-time. Our Business i Visitor Management system is an advanced, highly customizable, QR code-based system with 100% data security.
Companies use visitor management software for keeping all of their employees, property, and data safe. Workplace teams can use visitor management software to collect necessary information from visitors and verify their identities before welcoming them on-site.
Business i visitor management system automates the entire registration process. It takes only a few seconds to register a new guest.  visitor data is securely stored in a visitor management system for future reference.
As visitor management software automates all visitor operations, it enables businesses to improve their efficiency and security. Organizations improve their brand image by providing a seamless entry experience to their visitors.
Business i visitor management system is essential for all types of businesses and management to ensure security and efficiency. You can completely get rid of unwanted visitors, and monitor visitor activity on the ground in real-time.

Yes, manual check-in is also available using a computer or tablet.

Touchless Technology with Protection and Safety for your Workplaces