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Inventory management leads to tracking and controlling your business’ stock. If you need to sell goods to customers or vendors, carrying the right products will be difficult and also costly. But inventory management of Business i ERP software helps you improve customer relationships and avoid lots of leftover goods. Asset tracking software will help you to make this process easier.

Features to Manage All Over Your Stock

Every trader, distributor, wholesaler, retailer, and manufacturer of small businesses can chooses Business inventory management since it is one of the pioneering programs for controlling a company’s inventory.

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Record Expenses.

You can submit expenses in GST invoice format and get your input tax credit by using Record Expenses by businessi


Create e-way Bills

You can create an e-Way bill with all the information about the transport company while you create an invoice.


Job Work

Keep track of job work information for internal usage (i.e., performing job work for clients) or outsourcing (giving job work to other parties).


Item Barcode

Users can create item labels, read and print bar codes, and retain many aliases for a single item.


Create and share Invoices

Only include the fields for shipping, billing, terms, items, etc. in your invoice creation. Send invoices via email to your parties in a matter of seconds. 


Advance orders

Enables you to simply convert any of your purchase orders into invoices as needed. Make and follow end-to-end selling and purchase orders.


Delivery Challans

Share your delivery challans with your clients and parties by converting them into GST invoices. Moreover, keep delivery acknowledgment records 


Create and share Invoices

Only include the fields for shipping, billing, terms, items, etc. in your invoice creation. Send invoices via email to your parties in a matter of seconds. 


Business status

Use business data like cash flow, stock/inventory status, bank status, open orders, etc. to easily assess the performance of your company.

Get Complete Visibility of Products and Raw materials

Manage Your Over All Stock

businessi Inventory management helps you to analyze the inflow and the outflow of the items in the warehouse. Business i ERP software has the inventory management solution which incorporates the production inflow to the sale opportunities that fulfill the demand of the product at the required time.

This inventory management helps you to add different suppliers including their details and allows you to fix up the purchase prices of the various products according to your need.

A person can be able to procure the finished goods or the raw material by the purchase module which can be directly integrated into inventory.

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Real-time budget control

You can make smarter selections and catch potential budget overspending early if you have total control.

Easy Approval Process

The purchasing module allows you to view which Purchase orders have been approved and by whom. Additionally, you can always trace this information.

Guarantee high-quality data

However, our buy order system will verify the correct Purchase order number is assigned and that all purchasers use the same Purchase order data. 

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Simple Sales and Purchase order

Track wherever you are, create a sales or purchase order.
Order in advance to ensure that you have new stock before you run out.
 Setting up a purchase order alert before your stock drops below a fixed level.
aids in reducing their pointless stockpiling.

Sales order

You are able you create a new sales order and it can be converted easily by system into invoice directly.


Business i ERP software allows you to view the status of all your invoices, like whether the amount is received fully or partially and show the balance due.

Credit Notes

In the event of sales return, you are able to create credit note and it will automatically result in your financial statements.

Bill more quickly by scanning Barcodes

Allows you to add products to your bill using barcode scanning
 As you add the bills, your inventory will be updated as you sell your items or buy new ones.
  It aids in maintaining records of your goods, eradicating even the farthest risk of errors.
To be sure your data is safe, you can store a copy on a drive.

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Inventory Management FAQs

The raw materials and components used in the manufacturing process are managed with the use of inventory management. A particular tool for gathering and evaluating inventory-related data for planning purposes is referred to as inventory management software.

inventory management software can enhance sales projections by providing accurate, current information on inventory availability when coupled with independent demand planning software.

Yes, It is a unique solution. It is our responsibility to customize it so that it meets your company’s needs. It improves the operations, which is more vital. 

The features of business I inventory management software enable you to monitor shipments and suppliers, control levels, enhance security, add barcodes, keep track of stocks, and more.

Monitor your sales and inventory — all in one place

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