Invoice Management

Businessi ERP software helps you to manage the invoice process by creating and providing all different invoices which have been already created can be used to create a proforma invoice, invoice and shows the status of the invoice, and also forward the invoice through SMS and mailing.


Reducing human errors and disputes. 

Invoice status will be automatically updated

Completely secured and looks professional

Quickly deliver the invoice online.

How does invoice management work

A person has the ability to create a new invoice by selecting the invoice template which has been already created and directly using them.

A person can directly create an invoice from that you can convert a lead into a proforma invoice.

By creating the original invoice first then you can directly create a new proforma invoice or else you can convert the lead into an invoice or proforma invoice directly.

Business i ERP software allows you to manage the invoice status by allowing you to view all the status of your invoice, look at whether the amount has been completed received, or partially received and also show you the availability of the due balance.

This Invoice management software allows you to send the invoice directly to your client with our Business i ERP software. Here you will also get more options like printing, printing on letter pad, and also PDF conversion.