Leave Management Software

Business i ERP HR professionals are able to manage the leaves of all the employees in the organization and this software also allow you to track the presence & absence of all the employee, even though you can have track of your employee vacations. 

Benefits of Purchase Management Software

Reduce paper-based work.

Monitor the real-time data

Easy to access the leave data

Increase the company value.

How Leave management of Business
ERP Software works

Managae Leave

You can manage the leaves you are providing to your employees like casual leave, sick leave, etc. Your employee can view the history of all their leaves taken & how many leaves are left with them when these leaves are applied.

Requesting Leave

An employee can request leave and this request will directly go to the immediate reporting person. the status of the applied leave can be viewed by employees.

Approve / Reject Leave Request

HR professionals can approve or reject the leave applied by the employees by using the ERP Software. After approval or rejection, the status will show automatically on the attendance sheet the employee.