Sales Management

Sales Management software

Business i ERP software you can be able to manage the sales process of your business. This software helps you to be updated with all customer receiving’s, customer balances, item sales, aging of overdue invoices and still more.

Benefits of Sales Management

  • Helps you to complete your task in faster way and improves your sales performance
  • The entire team can be able to find easily as it has centralized database.
  • It provides you with a real-time inventory data which shows you with stock availability notification.
  • Sales management software implies with cost-saving which drives increase of sales.
  • It provides the strong communication between sales team and customer. Team always serves for customer satisfaction.
  • It helps you to schedule orders, and helps in tracking the delivery of the customer product.

Sales Management

Sale management software also allows you to view the sales list, warranty approval pending, sales return list, month wise sales and still more.

Sales order

You are able you create a new sales order and it can be converted easily by system into invoice directly.


By choosing the mode of payment you will receive payment & other details against customer. This will update the ledgers account of the customer automatically and effect the financial statement concurrently.


Business i ERP software allows you to view the status of all your invoices, like whether the amount is received fully or partially and show the balance due.

Credit Notes

In the event of sales return, you are able to create credit note, and it will automatically result in your financial statements.

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