Visitor Management

Impress your visitors with a Professional first impression

By Employing Business i visitor management software helps you to track and control every visitor who enters your property.  All the information regarding the employees and visitors to your office premises is managed, monitored, and recorded electronically by the software. Your welcome desk operations are streamlined with visitor management software.

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Visitor Management Software

Your entire system will become smart and secure with Business i visitor management software.  As it’s a cloud-based management tool that gives visitors to the business the correct first impression. Your complete visitor check-in procedure is fully digitalized by our Business i visitor management software.

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Customer Visit Management

Customer Visit Management (CVM) solution to overcome this trouble which includes automated digital signage, customer identification, and central data management functions for enabling most of the business, banks, Schools, and more industries to improve the customer experience and identify profitable clients.

Occur benefits:

  •  Store the information of the visitor in a centralized database.
  •  Monitor performance & examine customer behaviors
  •  Easy to maintain visitor information.
  •  Able to choose the person who they wanted to visit.

Customer count and feedback system

Customer counts and reviews software enables your company to collect traffic data and respond to customer feedback for your products or services. Leveraging this Customer counts and reviews software allows businesses help to identify the number of visitors visiting your place and also allows you to respond to all feedback and questions on different channels from one centralized location.

Occur benefits :

  •  Promotes their products or brand awareness
  •  Improve the overall customer experience
  •  Monitor the visit count and respond to ratings & reviews
  •  Increase ranking in organic searches